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Of late, a huge amount of increase has been observed in the number of people suffering from obesity. Over 33 percent of adult Americans are observed to be obese as per the data from the Center of Disease Control. Hence people opt for physician assisted weight loss programs in order to shed off the extra pounds in their body. The testimonials of such programs reveal that weight loss can be achieved in considerable amounts. However, a thorough research is necessary in order to get a safe and secure plan.

While selecting a physician assisted this program, one should go for the program which will suit one’s budget. Length of visits and their frequency will differ among the practitioners. Few plans include beverages, packaged meals, low-glycemic food and self-selected diet plans options.

The advantages and warnings of such programs should be taken into consideration. Loss of weight due to low calorie diet plans can motivate one to continue the plan. Moreover, advantages of weight loss also comprise decreased blood pressure, reduced fat and increased glycemic control. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute has stated that people with psychiatric conditions, pregnant and lactating women and persons with major medical issues where low calorie plan can make conditions worse; should not go for weight loss therapy.

Here are some of the benefits of Physician assisted weight loss programs

1. Benefits due to dedicated Medical Staff

Medical staff plays a significant role in this program. Well-trained physicians and a variety of health personnel have great contribution to the success of the programs. Select programs with a core team of physician dedicated to the weight loss program. The staff should also comprise of exercise physiologists or well trained fitness staff, nurses, medical personnel, registered dietitian and also a therapist or a counselor.

2. Advantages of Supplements Associated in program

Some physician assisted programs include minerals and/or vitamins in vitamins in pill or injectable form. Not all of them have significance in supporting the weight loss but yet are often part of fees of this programs. Reduction of fat is the main purpose to be achieved from any plan to get rid of obesity.

3. Gene Testing

A trend in planning of meals includes genetic make-up testing also known as DNA testing or nutrigenomics. The testing is yet quite new, so as of now results might not be accurate. Still, try looking this testing to be a permanent part of many meal planning programs and health visits.

4. Maintenance provided by program after the desired weight is achieved

A physician-assisted weight loss program will be the most advantageous to a consumer when it includes a maintenance segment. While shopping for a program to lose weight, determine what support and eating plans are provided once the desired weight is achieved.

Strong evidence in support of low-calorie meal programs to lose weight is reported by the Evidence Analysis Library of American Dietetic Association. Opt for weight loss programs which have evidence in the science. It means that a lot of research studies with strong data and valid results are in support of program structure and its claims. With so many benefits as listed above you can opt for a physician assisted weight loss program with assurance. The physician provides a standard of care, a person to trust, and the criterion to have a program that has science, medicine, supplements, and a long term lifestyle program that you can follow for life.


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