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Wu Yi tea has been getting a lot of attention off late, even famous faces and celebrities are paying extra attention to these special tealeaves. Why, you ask? Well, this is no ordinary tea; studies show that certain Chinese teas can help in weight loss, has numerous health benefits and works well as a diet supplement. Let us take a look at this tea and the various benefits it claims to offer.


Wu Yi tea is the same as Wu Long tea, which is no different from Oolong tea; these teas are robust and fully browned. This dark rich tea is specifically grown in the mountainous region somewhere in China. Wu long or Yi tea offers the same health benefits as Oolong teas.

The best thing about Wu Yi tea is that it has a very unique fermenting process that creates a variety of aromas and tastes.


The diet tea is no magic pill for weight loss, you simply cannot lose weight by drinking Wu Yi tea, you need to take it as a dietary supplement. That said, studies show that Wu Yi tea helps lose weight by boosting your metabolism.

Weight loss tea contains a substance called “Polyphenol”, this is known to be effective in controlling obesity. It helps activate the enzyme that dissolves triglyceride. It can speed up your metabolism, which in turn can help you burn more calories.


Wu-yi tea helps in weight loss; it has become a very popular topic among many weight loss experts and has gained popularity among dieters. It helps lose weight and at the same time provides energy to keep the metabolism high. Recent studies show the Wu Yi tea aids in weight loss more than any other drink and green tea.

It is completely natural and organic. Reputable and reliable tea distributors sell Wu Yi tea without adding anything in the tea. It has no calories, carbohydrates, and fats. It helps burn those calories and effectively boosts your metabolism.

It provides with another health benefits as well. Although it has not been proven yet, there are many science implications that this tea can help reduce the risk of diseases like cancer. Also, it claims to make you look younger and provide you with a better looking skin.


You may consider weight loss tea as a dietary supplement, an added bonus would be that it does not lead to any side effects. This special tea coming from the Yuki Mountains can help you lose at least 10-25 pounds, but you need to take the recommended dose on a regular basis. Now, you need not wait for months to get that well-toned and slim body you have always wanted. But, along with this, you would also need to follow a proper diet plan and exercise routine.

Weight loss tea is not just a regular kind of tea; it produces a certain enzyme that helps to lose extra fat and keeps you healthy. Different types of this tea are available in the market, the basic make-up is the same, but there is a slight difference in the taste of each. Similar to wine, the price of the tea depends on the complexity of taste.

Go ahead and brew up a perfect cup of Wu Yi tea for yourself, although try drinking the tea without additives to keep its anti oxidant properties intact for a healthy start every morning.


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