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Have you ever looked for tips to lose weight and found that you could spend hours, days or weeks reading up on the inner workings of metabolism and the metamorphosis of the oxidation of the fat producing cells? Well, if you are anything like me (and I hope you are not) you probably just want some simple tips to lose weight. So, I’ve listed a few tips for losing weight below for you.

Tips To Lose Weight

1. Turn off the television or workout while watching television

Have you ever gone to the movies and ordered the large tub of buttered popcorn and super sized soft drink? Well, it’s amazing how easily you can munch your way through the entire tub and down the drink without giving it a second thought. For whatever reason, your natural behavior is to just keep eating until it’s all gone. Then of course if there are free refills you have to advantage of it because it’s free, right?

Now when you are at home your eating habits are probably the same but just not as noticeable. Instead of the large unhealthy tub of popcorn you might find yourself getting some chips and soda, a little ice cream or perhaps a slice of cake, or whatever your favorite snack foods happen to be. The problem is it’s hard to stop because it’s so convenient to get to.

Suggestions to control TV eating and lose weight;

  • Turn off the TV, go outside for a walk or perhaps finish one of the around the house projects you have on your to-do list.
  • Work out on a treadmill or stationary bike while watching the tube.
  • Keep all of the food you consume during the TV watching session in front of you. You might be in the habit of going to the kitchen to throw out your empty snack wrappers and bottles but you probably grab another snack on the way back. Limit your trips to where the food is and you won’t be tempted to grab another item that isn’t helping you to lose weight.

2. Slow down while eating

Research has shown that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the text message from your stomach that it’s full. If you rush through your eating you might not get the “I’m full” feeling and thus continue to eat or look for snacks get your brain and stomach on the same page.

3. Eat snacks in a dish

You will probably eat less if you take a small portion out and put the package away. Eating out of the bag or box will lead to you finishing off the snack in one eating. Out of the tips to lose weight this one is very easy to follow and very helpful to you in meeting your weight loss goal.

4. Replace sugary drinks

One of the biggest battles many folks face in trying to lose weight is drinking plenty of water and cutting out beverages loaded with sugar. The problem is that beverages loaded with sugar can easily add 450 calories per day to your diet. Put your self on a water drinking schedule where you drink a glass of water 6 to 8 times per day. Treat it as if you were taking prescribed medication. If you do this you will find that your craving for sugary drinks will decrease over time.

5. Eat more often

I know this tip for losing weight is a strange one but don’t chuckle too much. Studies have shown that if you eat every three hours you will have more energy, you won’t feel hungry and thus will avoid eating too much when you do get a chance to eat. For example, skipping breakfast might make you feel as though you are making progress toward your goal of losing weight but by the end of the day you most likely will have consumed more snacks and regular meals than you would have had you eaten breakfast.

Eating on a regular schedule, including a good mix of protein, fat, fiber and carbs is one of the more important how to lose weight tips.

I know losing weight can be frustrating at times when you think you are doing the right things but seeing no results. May I suggest that you keep going because the only way you will fail is if you stop trying to eat healthy and doing some kind of exercise to lose weight.


Source by Derek P Haynes

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