How does one prepare for a trip you’ve always dreamed about? Here are some things you should know before that epic trip to the Galapagos. 😍

7 things I wish I knew before my Galapagos trip



By vito988

9 thoughts on “7 things I wish I knew before my Galapagos trip”
  1. My biggest regret was not having an underwater capable camera. What I didn’t realise was how diverse the underwater life is. Consider getting a waterproof cover/case for your phone and go snorkelling, you won’t regret it!

  2. Nice article! Take sunscreen and more sunscreen for sure and a top to swim in. Even us Aussies were caught out by the sun. And a small towel when you do water landings to wipe the saltwater off your legs on the beach as it stops the March flies biting even a sarong will do.

  3. I’m always nervous ahead of time until I leave for the airport. I spent 4 days in the Amazon canoeing and hiking, 8 days on a sailboat. A full day sight seeing in Quito before going home. My tour group, Wild Women, had a great packing list with suggestions. I knew we’d be hiking daily, kayaked daily (I’m not a kayaker) and snorkeled everyday. I’m not a strong swimmer but knew that I had to try. Otherwise what was the point. I had great support and snorkeled everyday. I snagged, with permission, pictures from others as I was too busy staying afloat. The last day went into Quito to sightsee as my flight was not until almost midnight.

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