The documentarian, the shy one, or perhaps a mixture of both? Which traveller are you? 🤔

8 types of traveller you’ll meet on a group trip



By vito988

7 thoughts on “8 types of traveller you’ll meet on a group trip”
  1. You left out the traveler who knows that the trip is really her or his private adventure and that the rest of the group is only tagging along to get in the way. Every small group trip has one.

  2. I’m the type of traveller that when I book a last minute trip with you (via one of your recommended agencies) it doesn’t take 6 days to still tell me you can’t confirm the trip when I’m leaving in 4 days so have to cancel, so i can book a trip I can actually go on!. I’ve travelled with intrepid over 13 times (all pre Covid) but now very very disappointed with the level of customer service.

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