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Obesity is a big problem nowadays and to adopt Acupuncture for Weight Loss is the intelligent decision. This is an ancient method of healing which has its origin in China. Presently it is being recognized by medical professionals all over the world as the safest and most effective method of healing.

Diseases treated by acupuncture

Diseases mostly treated by acupuncture are anxiety, depression which is the root of excess weight, arthritis, asthma, pain, eczema and others.

Method of treatment

Acupuncture is the practice of piercing very fine needles into the skin to stimulate certain anatomic points in the body for therapeutic causes. The needles that are used are finer than the needles used for injection. When the specific point is pierced the person has a tingling sensation or even a dull ache.

Acupuncture is one of the natural methods of losing weight. The cause of overweight is often thought to be overeating. This again may be the result of excessive stress, anxiety and frustration. Physicians say that if stress can be reduced the eagerness to eat also lessens.

So the necessary points of piercing are chosen according to the intensity of the problems. The ear is the focal point of weight loss. The needle is first inserted there. When there is an unnecessary desire to eat, a mild pressure is applied to the ear staples. This results in a mild Endorphin release which relaxes the patient and he gains control over his senses.

This process continues until the untimely urge to eat is curbed completely. Thus weight is controlled by proper, timely diet.

The main Acupuncture weight loss target points are:-

• Mouth related to the big eater and chain smoker
• Stomach related to the eater who wants more even when full
• Lungs related to food addicts and lover of chocolates and sweets
• Endocrine related to people who gain weight by retaining water
• Semen basically a calming point
• Spleen hormonal and sugar imbalances
• Kidney related to nervous system and water retention
• Thyroid related to slow metabolism

There are no side effects and the best thing about Acupuncture Weight Loss is this that this therapy gives long term benefits.


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