OK so this happened last night, I’ve just woken up to the biggest shitshow of my life, please kill me.

My cousin, Tom, usually comes to my house every couple or weeks or so as part of our family meet up, and to say ‘he’s a pain in the ass’ is an understatement. As some context I hadn’t woken up in the greatest of moods as I ate something bad the night before and was suffering from pretty severe food poisoning. Later after I was done puking my guts up I decided to relax and watch some Netflix on my Xbox with my kitten (Penelope) who was sitting on the carpet next to my bed to take my mind off it.

Fast forward about thirty minutes later and Tom storms into my room and *demands* to go on my Xbox as he was ‘bored’ and had ‘nothing to do’. At this point I’d usually just end it there and allow it but I was really in the ‘won’t take bullshit’ mode and told him to get out of my room. He wasn’t having any of that and promptly walked up to my bed and started screaming shit full volume into my ear at which point I just told him to fuck off.

He turned around, turned back again and kicked Penelope into the side of the bed. I got out of my bed and slapped him as hard as I could around the face. whilst telling him to never touch my cat again. He ran out of my room and slammed the door screaming and crying and i could faintly hear him speaking to my uncle. I didn’t hear a word. My dad came steaming upstairs stormed into my room and shouted at me like has never before. I managed to faintly squeal out the words ‘dad he kicked Penelope’ or something like that and then he stopped, walked out my room and stormed down stairs to the rest of my family where he starts fucking yelling at what I assumed was my uncle. This didn’t stop until I passed out in my bed from the stress of the whole thing.

Back to now and I have dozens of notifications telling me I’m a horrible person, family won’t speak to me, have 20 missed calls from unknown callers so news has spread and I frankly can’t take it, so I came to vent here instead.

Happy family

TLDR my cousin wanted to play on my Xbox I refused so he kicked my cat then I slapped him and now there’s a huge family fight.

PS: Penelope is fine she is still in my room I’m petting her whilst typing this.

-Will give further updates soon


Edit: [Thanks guys, some of you seem lovely](https://imgur.com/a/vBzpUIR)

Edit 2: Everyone is asking for pics of my cats so [here you go! Penelope on the right, and her brother Keith on the left.](https://imgur.com/a/4RLzIMV)

Edit 3: **UPDATE** – An appointment to the vets has officially been booked for Penelope

Edit 4: Since you all keep asking, I’m 15


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