I’m M(27) and she is F(23). We have been friends for the last few years. I asked her out on a date twice, she said no twice. Last time i asked her out was November 22. Once she said no the second time, i put my feelings for her aside and continued being good friends with her. We are very close. She knows pretty much everything about me, and i would like to think i knew her. Over the weekend we were out, I wasn’t drinking, she was. She took me to one side. Told me she wanted to talk to me. She told me she was falling in love with me, she’d been feeling this way for a while. She cried, I told her that i felt the same but we should talk about it more when she was sober. I walked her home, but we went around our small town for hours just talking.

The next day when we were sober, she told me she didn’t mean what she said. She was sorry for playing with my emotions, but she didn’t give any explanation as to why she said it. This conversation happened about 12 hours ago. My heart is broke. I said some pretty vulnerable things to her when she was drunk, things that cannot be unsaid. Now that I made myself vulnerable with her, and for her to take back everything she said to me when she was drunk, it does make me angry. I’m angry because she knew I had a thing for her, and I feel like she just wanted attention on this one night and I was an easy place to get it.

I just want to move on, I don’t feel like I’m going to be able to continue to be myself around her. I feel like the friendship we had has changed because of the lies over the weekend, and I genuinely feel like a fool for falling for it all. I don’t know what the right thing to do is.


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