My husband and I have been together for almost 11 years. When I met him I was doing everything by myself independent woman. I would work, pay bills etc. No, I wasn’t depending on anyone to run my vehicle here or there. I’m minding my business he is looking for me. When we married, I was taking my SUV to either Tires Plus, Jiffy Lube or PepBoys. Why? I could get in and out just swipe my card. Then, he started looking for ways to save money because I was spending too much at the shops and volunteered to complete my vehicle tasks. I have to wait when stuff is done by him.

I’d say that I might be a little irritating when it comes to my SUV. I’m traveling more now. When I see it’s almost time for an oil change, I’ll ask my husband at least two weeks ahead of time. The dealership will send me a text reminder it’s time for an oil change. I purchased the oil watched it sit there a week. Then, I noticed him changing the oil while I was in my office working on an invoice. My husband came to me asking what would I do if he wasn’t here. I’m like what are you talking about? Then, my husband says I changed to oil and you didn’t say thank you. I’m thinking okay I’m supposed to thank you for everything? I purchased the oil. Then, he becomes upset walks off I’m like shit will get done regardless. I’m not sure why he was so mad when I had to wait, he knows I need things done right away, and I’ll have to switch my clients around when he’s taking forever to accomplish the task. Am I wrong?

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