This is going to be a massive bitchy rant topic. If you don’t like those, this isn’t the place for you.

I HATE battle pass systems and I really wish people would stop paying money for that hot ass garbage doodoo water. I’ve had it with Overwatch 2 a few months ago and it made me stop playing the game. I’m having it with Street Fighter 6 right now where I’m not even spending any money on it, because it’s always the same. It doesn’t get any more anti-consumer than battle passes. It’s shocking to me how much of an anti-customer business practice that is.

Basically, you expect me to give you money on a monthly / tri-monthly basis and then

**1) I still have to invest countless hours into the grind in order to get the rewards I paid money for,**
**2) Two thirds of the battle pass are filled with random garbage I have absolutely NO use for like voice lines, sprays or photo mode poses,**
**3) If life gets in the way and I can’t invest 50 hours into the battle pass, I don’t get the rewards I paid for at all (like not even at the end),**
**4) The grind is only as obscene as it is, because publishers (or more so devs, because they are the ones setting the numbers) want to keep the player engagement and investment high, show that to their investors and get additional money that way,**

**5) Potentially perfectly fine offline games (like Diablo 4) get forced always-online, because players “need” to stay up to date with the newest battle pass and shop items,**

**6) With more and more games implementing battle passes, you are discouraged from playing other games (have fun finishing battle passes in Call of Duty, Overwatch 2, Street Fighter 6, Exoprimal, Diablo 4, Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042 (not sure if all of them have battle passes, but they probably do) and all the other games at the same time),**

**7) And then there is probably the worst insult of them all, where you can spend ADDITIONAL EXTRA MONEY to skip battle pass tiers – so basically you pay more money to not play the game for you originally paid extra money for to grind the game and unlock rewards you already paid for.**

If you are reading this and you are in some way connected to the push of battle passes – be it a publisher demanding it or a dev doubling down on the grind or simply a player willingly gladly paying for that garbage and demanding more: Then know that I literally hate you. And I do mean: I HATE you, despite “hate” obviously being a strong emotion. I hate you.



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