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Here is a quick Maqui berry review of one of the latest, weight loss – slash – body detoxifiers to appear on the market this year. Firstly, so this review covers Maqui’s major potential qualities, so as to give you some solid facts. So, The Maqui Super Berry – thought to be a formidable toxin buster – what ailments does it exactly target?

  • Weight gain – where toxins can lead to an increase in body fat.
  • General Weakness – where toxins can effect muscles leading to physical weakness, most notably alcohol.
  • Illness – where toxins decrease your natural defenses against disease’s.
  • Early aging – where toxins create poor skin which leads to premature aging.
  • Exhaustion – where toxins slow down the metabolism which make you get tired quicker.

To counteract everyday toxins in your life, nature is full of an array of anti-oxidant busting chemicals, and Maqui argues to be not only one of these, but one which contains an ORAC value – ie an antioxidant capacity – far greater than any other food source, including Acai, where it claims to be 3 times more powerful.

Maqui argues that by taking 100% Maqui each day, it will help you:

  • Lose Weight – cleanse those toxins from your body that stop you from losing weight.
  • Be More Energetic – help increase your day to day energy.
  • Feel Better – Increase your bodies resistance to illness.
  • Look Better – Dramatically improve the appearance of your hair, nails and the quality of your skin.
  • Look Younger – Reduce the speed at which you age and giving you a vibrant glow.

As Maqui gains in popularity, so does the competition in the market so if you are wanting to buy a Maqui berry supplement, consider this:

  • That it contains no fillers – That it is only pure freeze dried Maqui berry.
  • That it contains 100% real maqui berry – That it’s derived from organic sources.
  • That it is ethnically sourced – This ensures the farmers get the best deals.
  • That it is legally backed – That the manufacturers website offers an authenticity certification.
  • That its Money Back Guarantee comes with “TEETH” – Ideally a 180 Day – 6 Month guarantee is best. This ensures you have time to test it to see how your body reacts.


Source by Rob R Carmichael

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