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Diet pills like Phentermine, Adipex, Xenical and other drugs of their kind can doubtlessly provide you relief from the shackles of obesity but it would be absolutely foolhardy to assume that each and every diet pill can provide the same relief and is at par with the FDA approved weight loss medications.

Recently the Food and Drugs Administration of USA issued a warning throughout the world against Chinese weight loss medications, Chaso (Jianfei) Diet Capsules and Chaso Genp. This warning has been issued by the FDA as a precautionary measure to save people from falling prey to the effects of these medicines after several Japanese citizen died and some other fell ill through the intake of these pills.

Incorporating a diet pill into the system which is not fully effective or in which the potential ingredients necessary for working against the extra kilos in your body don’t exist in equal amount will absolutely be of no use in your war against obesity. But if the weight loss drug you are going to pick up from the market and administer into your system contain certain toxic materials then it is nothing but your health which will be subjected to immense harm. These products have been proved to be detrimental to health for the ingredient named aristolochic acid being found in them. As soon as the results of these medications became visible, FDA issued a nationwide alert beseeching people to

abstain from using these products and inviting destruction to their own health.

The weight loss enthusists who indulge in the selling and marketing of bogus weight loss

medications are people with brains and so whenever they determine to fill the market

with unlicensed and ineffective drugs and sell them to the customers as genuine weight

loss medicines they do it very skillfully. So it is up to you and you alone to avoid being

cheated and keep yourself at a safe distance from these potentially disastrous weight loss


But how to achieve it? By simply opting for an F DA approved diet pill. With a diet pill

approved by the Food And Drugs Administration, USA, you no longer be at the risk of

being cheated. The proper guidelines regarding drug usage and new discoveries relating

to weight loss drugs are published by FDA on its official website which further enables

you to adopt a cautionary and effective approach while starting off with your weight loss


Leave harmful medicines like the aforementioned Chinese diet pills behind and accelerate your weight loss process with anyone of FDA approved weight loss drugs, Phentermine being the most popular. Along with proper dieting and regular physical exercises, your Phentermine usage can help you to inch your way towards a life free from obesity.

Finally, caution is the keyword while you begin with any weight loss medicine or any other drug. Tread along with a carefully planned approach and only then you would be able to metamorphose your weight loss dreams into reality.


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