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Harvested in the jungles of South America it’s not common news that Acai supplements have well and truly hit the weight loss market with supposed endorsements from a number of celebrity talk show hosts most notably Oprah and the resident Doctor Mr Mehet Oz.

However, lets be clear that Oprah, whilst giving valuable airtime for this product, is in no way endorsing or recommending this as a weight loss formula.

Recently in 2009, lawyers acting on behalf of the Oprah Winfrey show investigated claims that manufacturers had made false claims on their websites suggesting they had endorsed their product.

Manufacturers tread a very fine line when suggesting possible endorsements from celebrities but courts found they had been within their rights to document testimonials from celebrities of a product whilst not specifically endorsing their own product as documented in the terms and conditions of the website.

Celebrity endorsements aside, the general public tend to be more interested, naturally, about any specific celebrities that have in fact used and had success with acai weight loss supplements.

The most famous of these celebrities would have to be Brad Pitt, who’s personal trainer had to reduce his body fat by 5% in 2 months. That meant in two short months he had to reduce his body weight by 20 pounds. In his recent movie “Burn after Reading”, Brad Pitt was able to get down to the required weight through working out and taking the Acai berry supplement as recommended by his trainer.

Sumner Redstone is another notable case study. Owner of Viacom the T.V giant, Sumner Redstone who’s in his 80’s began taking Acai back in 2005 before anyone really knew about this anti-oxidant and a man who still looks in his fifties states that it simply provides him with increased energy and a slimmer physique which he also attributes to moderate daily exercise.

Other celebrities who also endorse Acai but are slightly lesser known include Steve Burton, Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Slater, Mariano Rivera, Sanoe Lake, Chaka Khan, Torii Hunter and Michael Saucedo to name but a few.


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