As the title says, I was recently at a work outing. I’ve been working at this place for about 2 years. I met a coworker during this outing for the first time. My boss and the HR manager introduced me to them.

Before meeting them we each had had a couple drinks. My boss, the HR manager and this new-to-me person are all very close. Like, they’ve all been working together for 10+ years and sometimes will go on vacations together. Also, this HR manager and the new-to-me person share the same unique last name. So, it leads me to believe they’re either related or married.

Anyways, were all having a great time and I sit down in their vicinity. My boss introduces me and I shit you not, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is, “yeah I’ve heard of you, you’
re your bosses bitch”. My smile immediately evaporates.

I turn and look to my boss, sitting next to them, and also the HR manager, who is sitting next to my boss, and they both tell me “stay calm, she is only joking”.

They proceed to say it a second time and chuckles. Again, I look at my boss and the HR person and again they both tell me “she’s only joking, its just a joke, its ok, its just a joke”.

In that moment, they didnt correct them. Possibly they were corrected after the fact, idk. Instead they chose to manage my emotions, which bothers me.

I completely ignored them, turned away, didnt respond and soon after my boss walked to over to me to do damage control. They told me “everyone gets called that, its part of the joke, they didnt mean it, thats just their personality, I can see your upset, but please dont let it ruin your time, you know I’m always there for you, just trust me that it was a joke”

That new-to-me person didnt apologize, the HR person never talked to me or apologized, and I just left when the outing was done.

This was on Friday and am now wondering how Monday should go.

EDIT: Alot of people in the comments are asking Why i didn’t just leave, and maybe I am a bitch because I stayed for the whole outing. This part of the outing I was actually on a harbor cruise boat and when it happened we had just left the dock, so I couldn’t leave 😂😂😂


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