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Have you ever wondered how you could earn money online? If you have the skills to write quality informative articles, then read on as this is what you are looking for.

Most of us might not be aware but submitting well written articles in article directories could generate income online. One of these directories is Associated Content. This site allows you to earn money while expressing your creative writing talents. You could either earn based on the popularity of your articles or if your articles are interesting enough to attract their readers, they might decide buy it from you.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? The chance to earn money online could be as easy as these 3 steps.

Sign them up!

Signing up with Associated Content is free and after confirming your account through the link that they will send to your email, you could then start submitting your articles, videos, audios or images.

However, in order for you to receive the payments from AC, you have to make sure that your PayPal account is linked up to your AC account. As of now, AC pays its contributors exclusively through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you could create one for free by visiting their website and then verifying your identity by linking it to your credit card or bank account.

What’s Hot? Write That.

Before starting to write your article, you should first survey your battlefield. Since income through AC is based on the number of views of your articles, it is imperative to find out first what topics do the readers in AC want. Remember that what you are selling here is the information and the “buyers” are the readers in need of that information who will view your articles. There’s no use of supplying information to customers who doesn’t need, right?

Narrow down your topics so that you could be able to handle it efficiently. Research all that you can about these topics. Find out what aspects of these topics could attract attention. Visit forums and online communities to get ideas on what to write. Remember that whatever subjects that these forums talk about are essentially the same subjects that might interest the AC subscribers.

After gathering the needed information about your topics of choice, carefully draft your article. Keep in mind that what you want to include in your article are the things that might interest your readers. The information that you would present in your article should be what the AC readers wanted to have

Associated Content Library – Passive Income

Finally, build your article collection. Make it a habit to always add new well-written articles in your account regularly. It would be better if you could do it everyday. This will make your collection grow faster. Since AC pays you based on the number of views that your articles get, giving the AC readers a wide selection of articles about various topics to choose from will give you more chances of getting more article views. What’s good about AC is that once your article has been accepted in their library, it will be kept there as long as it is generating page views from visitors. This means that as you go about your other duties and responsibilities in the real world, your money from the virtual world is slowly pouring in.

So if you love to write about almost anything during your free time, submit those articles in Associated Content. Not only have you satisfied your creative cravings, you also have a chance to fund your other inclinations.


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