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If you have been exploring different ways to earn money online, then perhaps you have heard of CPA marketing. CPA stands for Cost per Action, and it’s a form of marketing where the affiliate gets paid when the leads generated perform a certain action. Some of the most common CPA offers are those requiring email submits, zip submits, or filling out a form requesting more information. Since these offers are free for the end user, it’s relatively easy to make money from them.

One of the ways that people make money from CPA marketing is by building landing pages and then sending traffic to them. Most of the time, these landing pages are simple one pages sites that give a little teaser information to the reader, and then direct them to another page. This is usually where they need to perform the action so that the affiliate gets paid. As long as the landing page isn’t misleading, the visitor will usually follow through and the affiliate will get paid a buck or two for that lead.

Many people focus on the email and zip submits particularly since no one really gives that much thought to entering such information. They usually only pay $1 to $2 per lead, but imagine getting 100 people to do your offer in a day. That can amount to a sizable income, and in a short amount of time. There are some CPA offers that pay considerably more than a couple of dollars per lead, but these generally involve dating offers. If you can drive traffic from an audience who would be interested in such an offer, then you stand to earn as much as $25 or more per person that signs up for the offer!

When you start talking about several dozens of people signing up for a dating offer that pays such a high rate, then you’re really in the money. If you could get just 4 people to your landing page a day that actually signed up for the offer, you’d still be raking in $100 a day. That’s pretty good for the little amount of work that’s required. It’s probably a lot more than you’d be making with your day job, that’s for sure.


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