My manager has turned into the devil ever since I have my 2 weeks notice, she is taking my resignation way too personally and it’s unfortunate because I honestly felt like I had accomplished a lot at this company and wanted to leave on good terms. Basically my manager wanted to move into a more senior role within our company (nobody in our team knew) and started sneakily transitioning all of her work to me and pretty much didn’t wanna do any work over the past month. Thankfully, I had started looking for a job way before all of that shit went down and this week I gave my resignation.

I could tell she was visibly upset although she tried to show she wasn’t. Now because I’m leaving, she’s fucked and can’t move into the senior role that she was looking for within another team and is stuck having to manage our team which she obviously doesn’t enjoy. Ever since, it’s seems like she’s basically coming for me, trying to turn my last few weeks at this job into hell. She’s forwarding every single email directed to her, asking me to handle them, giving me all the work that she’s supposed to be handling in her role and she’s asked me to complete a lengthy off boarding documentation processs.

She provided me a blank template of the lengthy off boarding documentations that she needed me to fill with a 2-3 day turnaround, even though it’s not even my last week. So I filled it out to the best of my ability and shared it with the team because that’s what she wanted me to do. Then she publicly humiliates me in front of everyone in the team chat saying that this is not what they’re looking for, that she’ll provide me with a real and good example of what the documentations should look like (which I don’t know why she didn’t provide me in first place and why provide me with a blank template) and is now adding 10 more documents that she wants from me to complete before I leave, which she never ever mentioned she wanted during our private meeting regarding the off boarding process. She’s condescending to me in emails saying things like “this is clearly this and that.. do that..” kind of thing.

I genuinely do not understand, I viewed her highly and we had a good relationship prior to my resignation but suddenly everything changed and it feels personal. Then on wider team meetings when announcing my departure she spoke so highly of me and everything.

I do not want to give in to all her unreasonable and last minute requests, because they make no sense and she basically wants me to do all of this so that she doesn’t have to do anything for when my replacement comes. But at the same time, I’m going to be moving to another company within the same industry and I do not want to burn bridges. I would’ve wanted to use her as a reference in the future as I don’t have such a lengthy work history but that seems impossible now.

What would be the smartest way of dealing with this?

EDIT: Didn’t expect this to blow up and can’t answer every single response but appreciate your guys’ input it’s definitely helping me a lot! Wanted to share something I thought was funny, she is now retaliating further against me and CC’ing our program director(not her boss nor mine, in our company it’s just someone who oversees the client business that we work on together with sales) in all the additional tasks that she’s assigning to me. LOL IM LOST


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