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I have found there are 5 main factors that influence how to control your weight successfully, I’m sure there are more than this but I want to focus on these 5 in this article. These tips are straight to the point and will give you a good head start on helping you control your weight.  

1 Make good food and drink meal choices

  • don’t participate in diet fads
  • limit fatty, sugary foods, limit alcohol and sodas
  • drink plenty of water through out the day

2 Get some exercise every day

  • get active and make some movement everyday
  • include muscles strengthening exercises in your routine
  • these exercises will burn more fat and help you keep it off

3 Re-evaluate your eating habits

  • make yourself aware of your eating and shopping behaviours that can lead towards you over eating
  • take a close look at the different emotional and social situations that can lead you to eat compulsively

4 Document your food and drink intake

  • keeping a food diary is a great way to make sure you stay on track
  • is a good way to show you how and what your eating, and how much exercise you have done
  • a great motivator and makes you accountable for yourself

5 Support

  • support is very important when your trying to control your weight
  • if you need extra help then get it, whether it be nutritionist, fitness experts or doctors.

When you follow the above 5 tips you will be able to control your weight very well. If however you are like the majority of the population who finds it difficult to get motivated, or needs more support then don’t be afraid to ask for it. Maintaining a good weight for your body is very important for good health, not only to lose weight but to keep away nasties like disease, cancers, high blood pressure etc.


Source by Jason Toomey

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