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How to Earn Money Online Without an Investment.
The internet is infinite wealth and unlimited opportunity. If you are willing to invest the time to learn a few new skills, you can earn as much money as you want.
Hi! I’m Gary Horton. Thanks for joining me. I’m a member of an online community that teaches people how to make money online, the right way.

It is possible to earn money online without an investment, however, spending a little money in the right places at the right time will make success easier and faster.

Start Your Own Online Business.
In order to earn a full-time income and more online, you must think like an entrepreneur. That means creating an online business that offers value.
A business is valuable when it helps solve people’s problems or helps them fulfill a desire.

The Secret Formula.
The secret formula for making money online really isn’t secret at all. It’s just so simple people overlook it. Here’s the formula.

Build a website, attract visitors, get paid.
Website + Visitors = $

You might think there’s got to be more to it than that. Yes, there is, but for the moment, let’s stick to fundamentals.

Building a website is so easy, you can do it with a few clicks of a mouse if you use the Completely Free Website Builder at

Once you have visitors, getting paid is easy too,
On the other hand, attracting visitors to your website for free takes skill.
First, we must understand the psychology of the search engines and how to give them what they want.

Search Engine Psychology.
Search engines are logical beasts and want only one thing.
They want to give their user the best possible experience.
If a user searched Google for a recipe for banana bread, they don’t want Google to show them a website about toe fungus.

In this case, Google wants the best possible content about banana bread.

So, if you have a website with a good article about banana bread that solves the user’s banana bread problem or fulfills their banana bread desires, Google will show the person your site in the search results.
If that person visits your site and buys something through a link, you make money.
This cycle can repeat hundreds and thousands of times a day.

It’s as simple as that. No tricks. No gimmicks. No shortcuts.

Give the search engines what they want and the search engines will lead visitors to your website.
How to Know What the Search Engines Want.

The search engines want what their users are searching for. But, how do you find out what people are searching for online? You use a keyword tool.

This can be tricky, but Jaxxy helps you find these rare gems quickly, by marking them with a green dot.

To use Jaxxy for free, go to:

Choosing a Niche.
Your website will need to be focused on a specific subject. Since you will be writing a lot of content for your website, it’s important that it’s about something that interests you.

The beauty of having an online business it that it allows you to live life on your terms. Your website can be the ticket to personal and financial freedom.

Don’t muck it up by building a website about something you don’t care about.

A niche is a subject. Take organic gardening for example. A website about organic gardening will be filled with articles about various aspects of organic gardening, such as growing organic tomatoes, composting, and open pollinated seeds.

Whatever niche you are considering, brainstorm subjects you can write articles about relating to that niche. Then, check these subjects in the keyword tool to determine if people are searching for them.

Building a Free Website.
Building a free website is easy. All it takes is few clicks of the mouse.
Before you build a website, you need a name for it. Since your first or second choice for a website name might be taken, it’s a good idea to have at least three names picked out before you begin.

If the subject of your website is in the name, that’s helpful, but not essential. It could be something as simple as “GuitarLicks,” or “BakingWithSal.” Or, it could be generic like “LisasBlog,” or “SouthernCharm.”

Once you have a few names picked out for your website you’re ready to build it. To build your website for free, go to:

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