“In my teens and 20s, I daydreamed about going out into the world solo, yet my lack of courage to act on it held me back.” Intrepid traveller Liz shares how her perspective on travel has changed.

I’m a solo traveller in my 40s; here’s why I love group tours



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22 thoughts on “I’m a solo traveller in my 40s; here’s why I love group tours”
  1. I have traveled solo and with tour groups. I have found friendship and company and ease/comfort with tour groups. The feeling of “freedom” that many suggest they find with traveling alone eluded me.

  2. Our trip to southern Mexico, Mayan World and Guatemala had mixed ages….it was fantastic for all of us..4 of us “seniors” and 6-7 were 30-40ish. We had a wonderful time together. The shared experiences gave us a depth of connection. I don’t think age matters.

  3. Ive always travelled solo from 18yrs old to now 55yrs old. I love solo travel. I get to do what ever I want without having to navigate someone else’s issues. I also like small group tours. Especially in non English speaking countries. I like my itinerary pre-planned so I get the best out of my trip.

  4. I’m 79 & just done Western Balkans with intrepid. Have been going with Intrepid for 15 years, all well planned adventures led by great guides.Just love the new friendships made with like minded travellers. The world is my oyster

  5. Totally agree! Intrepid travel is a great way to see places you wouldn’t tackle alone and I’ve met some great people over the years! Next stop, Jordan! 🙌

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