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Obesity rates are at its peak in India. Nearly one out of every ten in India is obese. This has lead to the sudden popularity of crash diets and gyms. But the weight loss regimes like the Atkins, The general motors, Liquid diets all prove of no use to Indians.

Many Indians follow the western diet plans for months and still bear no results. This can be extremely frustrating and nearly all of them lose motivation. Also most diet plans available online are extremely complicated to understand. They do not incorporate Indian dishes and this trouble many an Indian taste buds. Also most Indians are vegetarians and their preferences are mostly not accommodated in diets.

An Indian weight loss diet has to be customized of the average Indian. It will be vastly different from a western weight loss diet because of the different cuisines in India. Also they will have to accommodate the variety in different states of India. For example the north Indians eat a lot of chapattis (wheat) which is much healthier than the south Indian counterpart, rice. But at the same time, south Indians eat a lot of gravies and vegetables whereas north Indian cuisines contain a lot of fats and butter.

Hence an Indian weight loss diet must be able to satisfy Indians from different states.

A traditional Indian meal in itself is extremely healthy. While we have the same rice and wheat for carbohydrates like the bread, pasta and cakes in the western world, we have more vegetables, fruits, pulses (dal) incorporated into our daily meals. The main reason for obesity is the leaning toward junk food popularized by the Americans and the increase in portion sizes.

The most popular of all weight loss diets are Low Carbohydrate Diets. It is impossible to avoid carbohydrates in an Indian meal. Our meals are filled with items like Idli,Dosas, Upma, Poha, Dhoklas, Parathas, chapattis etc. but you don’t have to cut out these items because unlike their western counterparts, these are not processed and are hence filled with plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Here is a typical Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan.

Breakfast: 2 Dosas/ 2 idlis/ one bowl poha/ one bowl upma/ 2 chappatis

Coffee/ tea with low fat milk

Lunch: One Bowl Rice/ 3 chappatis with vegetables

One serving meat (30 g)

Sprouts salads

Dinner: 2 chappatis with sabji / 2 dosas/ 2 idlis


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