My wife and I had a baby and the past few weeks a lot of family and friends came over to visit and celebrate with us.
But i can’t help but noticing that my close guy friends have not even reached out to us for a visit. And i talk to them regularly online and whatsapp.

When the baby was a week old, I’ve invited them to come visit us and their replies sounded positive. But now its been 2 months.

This feels weird and I dont want to remind them or come across as desperate.
They know how important this birth was.

My wife and I lost 3 2nd trimester children in the past 3 years. So having a healthy baby means the world to us.
Everyone in our social circle was supportive. But the lack of interest of my guy friends seems odd. And in high contrast with girl friends we have.

So, do dudes just dont come to see babies? Even if they know the struggle their close friends had?


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