I’ve never posted here before, so I apologize if this isn’t proper etiquette.
I’m an average Joe, and I find it so hard to work a normal job, live a normal life, after these hearings. All my friends shrug it off, my co-workers shrug it off, and mostly everyone I’ve talked to either didn’t know the hearings were going on, or didn’t care. Like how is this not the biggest news for humankind?! I’m without a doubt a believer in aliens now! Or non-human intelligences, whatever you want to call them. I sit in traffic to, and from, work everyday thinking “there’s aliens out there, or a greater purpose, and I’m sitting in traffic waiting to waste 8 hours of my life on probably something that’s insignificant in the grand scheme of things.”. I posted this here because my friends, and colleagues, wouldn’t understand if I told them. And thank you to everyone who’s fighting for disclosure!


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