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If you look at the internet and some of the useless websites and schmaltzy articles, I bet you’ve said to yourself “I can do better than that.” Once you get involved, you find that while you may be able to do better than that, it’s hard to find a program to teach what you want to know. Take heart, you can learn while you earn an income from the internet. It’s called the Bum Marketing Method.

The Bum Marketing Method employs free tactics to get you started on the internet. It involves using free hosting or “parasite” websites that have rankings with the search engines. A few are called Squidoo, Hub Pages, Tumblr, Vox, etc. You start out by becoming an affiliate for the product you have experience with and you write up a review or how you feel about this particular product.

Be Sure To Add Valuable Content When you create your free web page, because frankly, if you’re not providing value to folks, they simply aren’t interested, they’ll go somewhere where they can get their value.

Don’t Schmooze Them Tell the truth, it works out better in the long run and honestly, you’re trying to establish a “brand” or a reputation online, so start out using what are known as “White Hat” techniques. Be one of the good guys.

Don’t SPAM people ever. This will get you into hot water with most everybody, including the federal government once they catch on. The SPAM Act can end up costing you a lot of money if you’re sending out mass emails from a GMail or Yahoo account. Besides, it’s just rude and poor manners. It’s like walking into someone’s home without being invited.

Write Up 10 Articles On your topic at hand pointing them back to your free website. If you’ve done your homework right and used the right keywords, before long you will be making money online. It’s easy to learn while you earn money from the internet with the Bum Marketing Method. It’s one of the best online ways to make money.


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