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A question I get asked all the time these days is – How can I lose as much weight as you have in such a short space of time?! In this post I hope to answer that, let you in on some secrets I’ve found out and prove to you that you really can have your cake and eat it.

I had been introduced to a new diet my friend Danny Ball had been doing, after seeing how dramatic the results he was getting were (losing over 2 stone in 2 months) I decided to try it out and see if It worked on me, operation rapid fat loss began! After the first month I lost 3.9% body fat, 17Lb and a total of 8 inches.

I guess operation rapid fat loss was a success.

If there would be one lesson I could share it would be that so many people who want to lose weight do it the hard way, they think you need to work your butt off, have amazing self control, patience and self discipline. I’m proof that you don’t need that, the way I did it wasn’t punishing, it wasn’t hard, tiny changes were all it took. Tiny changes that make a massive difference.

I hope you enjoy my story and I hope it inspires you.

To the new thinner you.


A little while ago in June 2011 one morning after a martial arts session my friend Danny started talking to me about a principle called the minimum effective dose and explained how he is going to start a new diet to move from 203Lb to 175lb. Although Danny trained at the gym regularly and trained martial arts, he had been overweight for a number of years and constantly complained about not being happy with his body. I still find it really cool how a small change in diet can lead to such a massive difference in weight loss and fat loss. The Joys of working smarter not harder!

After 4 months on the diet he lost over 49Lb, 12% body fat and a total of 31 total inches. (waist, hips, thighs, chest, biceps)

The thing that shocked me the most about Danny wasn’t just the amount of weight he lost or the time frame he lost it in. When I asked him how he did it I thought it must have been a mixture of eating one stick of celery a day, 23 hours in the gym, taking fat loss pills and maybe training under a waterfall in the mountains with Shaolin monks. The thing that shocked me the most was how he did it by following 4 easy rules. I count them as 4 even though he explained them as 5 because one of the rules is you have to stuff your face with junk once a week on your cheat day! Don’t worry, on diet days you will be able to eat as much as you want too. Once again… The joy of working smarter not harder. Now I know there’s a lot of knowledge about popular diet rules:

Eat more Veg

Eat less fat

Exercise more to burn off the calories etc.

But these popular diets DON’T give people the results they want in the time frame they want them. I’m not saying that the popular diets don’t work, I’m saying that to be successful, to be outstanding, don’t do what the masses do. Were going to approach this from a different angle. An angle that wont make people say “looks like you’ve lost a bit of weight” but more like “what the $%^@ have you been doing!?” I never heard of a diet that had results as drastic as that so I made it my mission to find out what Danny knew that I didn’t. Here’s what I discovered..

The Minimum Effective Dose

This is what everything we will be discussing is based around and is described as the smallest dose that will give you the biggest results. For example: To boil water the minimum effective dose is 100 degrees Centigrade, boiling it more wont make the water more boiled, it will just be wasteful. In the context of weight loss the minimum effective dose to keep in mind is to remove stored fat by doing the least amount possible to trigger a fat loss cascade of specific hormones. Remember that the minimum effective dose gives you the most dramatic results in the fastest time possible.

5 Rules

Following 5 simple rules is all it took for me to lose over 17Lb in 30 days even though I put on a total of 17 Lb with having a cheat day once per week.

1. Don’t Eat White Carbs – This includes bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, chips, cereals etc. Anything white with carbs avoid like the plague. Don’t eat the food just described unless you want to get fatter.

2. Don’t Drink Calories – The only drink I have is water, I aim for 2 – 3 litres a day. Sometimes ill have a can of diet coke as it is only 330ml, anything over 450ml of diet coke stimulates weight gain due to the aspartame level. No milk, fruit juice, beer, soft drinks or fizzy drinks allowed. I don’t drink wine but you are allowed up to 2 glasses of red wine a night but no more unless its a cheat day.

3. Don’t Eat Fruit – The quick reason why is because sugar and fructose = fat storage. Exceptions are tomatoes, have as much tomatoes as you like. And avocados if eaten in moderation.

4. Include 3 Food Groups With Each Meal – There are 3 food groups you have to eat with each meal. Protein, Legumes and Vegetables. Its important to eat legumes for caloric load as you wont be getting calories from carbs.

5. Have A Cheat Day Once A Week

This is for 2 reasons:

1. To keep your metabolic rate from slowing due to extended caloric restriction.

2. To help make the diet is sustainable. Remember you can have your cake and eat it. Just get the timing right.

That’s all the bare basics of how I lost 17Lb in 30 days and continue to lose body fat every day.

To your fat loss success

Ryan Phillips

PS If I can achieve this in 30 days and keep it sustainable then you can do the same. If not better!


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