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Have you looked into the pure and healthy benefits of green coffee beans? It really seems to me that business is intent on killing off all its customers. Roasted coffee does not make for a healthy beverage even if the coffee bean is of the decaffeinated sort. Suggesting that coffee merchants are purveyors of death is somewhat extreme but they are certainly not promoting long and healthy lives with their products.

It’s been suggested that the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans assists in weight loss as well as being heart healthy and good for diabetics. That really makes green coffee beans a longevity pill for the baby boomer generation. Roasting coffee beans reduces the chlorogenic acid but then, how often does processing a healthy food strip away most of the pure health benefits? Marketers of roasted coffee may not be the true merchants of death that tobacco producers are but it certainly would be nicer if corporations gave a thought to customer health instead of just the bottom line of the profit column.

Healthy green coffee beans are purportedly great for heart health and diabetics. The chlorogenic acid is thought to help reduce blood pressure for patients that may have some heart conditions. The chlorogenic acid is also believed to beneficially affect the way that blood sugars are handled to the effect of improving metabolism. This is sweet news indeed for diabetics and people seeking a healthy and pure weight loss supplement.

Of course the healthy benefits of green coffee beans haven’t been ‘officially’ accepted but then that ‘official’ process really seems to be getting the health product vetted by the big pharmaceutical company’s profit interests. How many potentially healthy and wholesome products are stopped by the vested interests of drug companies? I personally believe that when people finally take health back from the merchants of death at pharmaceutical companies we will make huge strides towards longevity.

I’ve even read somewhere that the first person to live to 1000 years old may already be alive today. That is an exciting prospect and accepting pure and healthy products like green coffee bean extract into our daily diets may well provide the final answer to aging and death.

Many corporations actually are merchants of death in that they over process foods and products to make them more profitable but less healthy. Many of the processed substances, like the roasted coffee, are healthful in the pure or raw form but they become almost poisonous after they are fully prepared for transport, packaging and sales. Let’s take back our healthy lives. Let’s drink to our potential longevity with a cup of green coffee.


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