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Without knowing the exact content that needs to be rewritten, it is difficult to provide an accurate response. However, here is a general guideline on how to rewrite content while keeping HTML tags intact:

1. Make a copy of the original HTML code, ensuring that you preserve all the tags and structure.

2. Review the content of each HTML tag and revise the text within them while maintaining the original meaning.

3. Check for any grammatical mistakes, clarity issues, or outdated information in the content, and make appropriate changes where necessary.

4. If the content contains lengthy paragraphs, consider breaking them into smaller, more digestible chunks for better readability.

5. Proofread the revised content to ensure that all HTML tags are correctly closed and that the overall format of the page is maintained.

Remember, the provided guideline assumes that you have access to the original HTML code and are looking to rewrite the textual content while preserving the HTML structure.

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