The other night me and my girlfriend were out on a dinner date and the check came and I paid (as I always do) and my gf saw the check and said wow I’m such a cheap date and rolled her eyes. And I was kind of like yeah whatever. We had gone to this nice restaurant near my place, but it wasn’t too expensive. Normally we go to nicer places.

I was a bit annoyed by her tone so I was like yeah well if I could only afford to take you to cheap places you would still love me right. And she goes no we wouldn’t be dating. We got into a little back and forth about it and she finished by saying that even if I had no money I would need to find a way to bring her nice places.

Obviously I’m a bit annoyed by this exchange. We go on plenty of nice dates and I almost always pay, which isn’t always easy being in our early twenties. Or am I overreacting and it was just a harmless joke?


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By vito988

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