A few weeks ago, I connected with a guy on a dating app. Our conversation was enjoyable, and we found several common interests, leading us to plan a meetup.

However, I noticed that he didn’t have many recent pictures on his profile. The ones he had portrayed him as being of normal weight and muscular. When we met in person, it was then clear that the pictures were outdated, and he had gained a significant amount of weight since then.

During the date, I didn’t mention my observation and continued with the conversation. Though the date itself went fine, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being deceived, which made me hesitant to consider a second date.

Despite my lack of interest, he continues to message me, and I respond politely out of respect. Now, I have two options: I could either tell him that I didn’t think the date went well (a white lie) or be honest about the real reason, possibly make him to update his dating pictures, so others won’t experience the same feeling of being misled.


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By vito988

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