Like the title said, I (32f) went wedding dress shopping and I tried on a few dresses. My sister took pictures of me in different dresses and I decided to show my fiancé (31m) a few pictures since I didn’t take any of them.

One of the dresses, the first picture, I would have taken it (if it wasn’t 2500€+alterations…), really fell in love with it. I showed the picture to my fiancé and he said something like “Oh absolutely not”. He did apologized and reassured me that he would love me in any dress, that he just wanted me to fell beautiful and confident in whatever I chose.

As a plus size future bride, it’s already difficult to find beautiful dresses and feel good in shops that are not meant for my body. And now my fiancé didn’t even like the one I felt beautiful in.

Should I go with another style? I’m afraid now that anytime I try dresses on, it keeps me from feeling comfortable in this style.


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