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The Orovo detox Weight Loss Pills are a product manufactured by the supplementary food company called Orovo. The company that produces these pills claim that it is a one hundred percent natural product, and when taken will produce effects as radical as a seven to twenty one lbs reduction in a matter of thirty days. It also claims to work as a detoxification pill which also has anti-aging and anti-acne properties. The internet based company does promise a lot, though the question to its reality can be raised.

It is to be noted, before buying the product, that among all the ingredients (the ten super fruits), Green Tea is the only one ingredient that is proven to help in losing weight. The fact is, how much of this green tea can actually be found in a product that has such a huge list of ingredients blended into it is, questionable. Is it not a way to impress the customer by incorporating so many things in one product?

Another ingredient called DMAE is known to be an anti-depressant, but it not researched enough to be certified yet. Wheatgrass is known to detoxify bodies through heavy metal cleansing, but, its weight loss properties are not yet known. The other ingredients in the Orovo detox Weight Loss Pills, that is, the remaining of the ten super fruits that the product claims to have in their product are all healthy addition to a diet pill, but, yet again, are not known to reduce fat cells.


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