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If you have become overweight and want badly to lose it you may have already tried the ‘old fashioned’ way which involves a diet and months of deprivation and dieting. On a diet you will experience cravings, feeling hungry most of the day and feeling left out as others enjoy foods you love but they are not on your list of ‘allowed’ foods.

This old fashioned way of losing weight has a major flaw – it works while the person is on the diet. But after a few days/weeks the person on the diet ‘falls off the wagon’ and the lost weight returns usually with some extra to boot. We now know that diets fail 95 percent of the time to help the people who embark on them to lose any significant weight for the long-term.

A much better way is emerging as we explore neuroscience and the capabilities of the human mind. We have discovered that our brain runs much like a computer and different programs can be run with success. Our mind is like a record with grooves in it that play the same tune over and over again. But if you put some new grooves in the record it will play the new tune and the old grooves just fade away.

We can use this concept with great success for losing weight. Often we have become overweight because the grooves in our record are playing a tune that is not a match for a slim, fit, healthy body; they are a match for an overweight one. Eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise are all the types of records overweight people play.

You might want to argue that you have been thinking about losing weight for years and it has not happened YET (at least not permanently). And here is the problem, even though you have been thinking about losing weight and getting slim – but you have been doing it from the perspective of an overweight person.

Nothing has changed with the record you are playing in your mind. You are still thinking the same faulty thoughts and self-beliefs that have gotten you overweight in the first place. It can never work and you may have already experienced that already. Right?

Old misinformation and inherited wisdom about nutrition, dieting, food and what proper exercise really means mixed together with some plain old self-delusion is causing you a roadblock in your mind programming. This is what will derail all of your ‘good intentions’ time and time again no matter how many diet or exercise programs you begin.

The only way to get yourself ‘unstuck’ is to change your record, change your limiting thoughts and self-beliefs (that you may not even be aware of) into more focused, empowering and productive ones. When you do this you will start to think and feel differently, more importantly you will find yourself taking different actions that you did before – and you will then get different results.

It is really that simple, change your thoughts, change your beliefs, be guided into different actions (healthy eating and consistent proper exercise) and POW, everything around you changes too. Even your body weight? Yes, absolutely your body weight. Permanent weight loss is a direct result of changing the way you see, feel and think about your own body – and in a deeper sense, yourself.

Once you give yourself a mind software upgrade you will be ‘running’ the same software that a naturally slim person ‘runs’. These people never stress about food or their weight. They are not overweight and never will be. This is how you can lose weight automatically in an easy and effortless way PERMANENTLY and not a diet plan in sight. You won’t need one.

Of course you won’t know how to change the record in your mind on your own but I do and I can help you to reprogram yours. As you implement the simple ideas that I will provide you with, little by little you will feel an inner shift happening. You will know that it is working and it is only a matter of time before you have reclaimed that slim, fit, healthy body that you will be so happy to live in. Think about it, how good will that be for you?


Source by Carolyn Hansen

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