Last night i went to a baseball game in California, apparently it was military day or something like that. I love baseball, was my first game. During the national anthem me and my girlfriend we got caught of guard when everybody stand up when the anthem started, we had our hands full with our drinks and food. We just kept sitting down, not really saying anything, but we immediately start to feel that people were staring at us, shaking their heads. It felt uncomfortable AF. When the anthem ended a lot of people in the stands just started looking at us, a full section of people just looking like we stole something, some of them yelled things, the lady next to me said “what’s wrong with you?”, one person said “Please have some respect!” among other things.

Really made us feel really uncomfortable and unwelcome, when we didn’t mean to disrespect people like that. lasted a couple of minutes but made the game feel awkward at the begging, i did learn my lesson and stand up in “God bless America” tho…

Is it that bad to do that? Im not American.


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