“It felt selfish. And while on a logical and very rational level, I know that it’s not, or that selfish isn’t bad, and I know a happy, fulfilled mum is a good mum.” Intrepid team member, Heather, shares how travel has changed since starting a family.

Travelling without my kids showed me the pain of leaving and the joy of going



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11 thoughts on “Travelling without my kids showed me the pain of leaving and the joy of going”
  1. We’ve travelled heaps with our kids even when they were little (3 months in South America when they were 3 and 6) but it’s actually really great for your kids for mum to go away. I started travelling a lot for work up to a month at a time (actually taking other people’s kids overseas) when mine were 13 and 11 and it made them so much more resilient. They can both cook well and we became more of a team rather than mum just doing everything. It’s good for everyone!

  2. I travel a lot with my children. They’ve been to Europe more than once, Mexico, all over the US and we are going to S America this winter. Having them travel and experience the world like i have had the privilege to is an important family value of mine. However, I also just returned from a month abroad working (leading college students abroad). It’s hard, sure. I have all the feelings, and this article hit my core.

  3. Holidayed with friends without my husband and children regularly. Gave me a well deserved break from working full time and running the house whilst being the best Mum I could be. Often when my husband was away.
    Gave us all a much greater appreciation of each other- at least for the first few weeks when I returned home.
    Mothers are people too.

  4. I’ve taken my three kids on each trip overseas since we started traveling. My kids saw Greece, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania. My children experienced things that will last a lifetime, best gift I could give my children aside from the Orthodox Christian Faith.

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