started in August 2015
– The next Big Thing –
“Be the first to know”

How to:
1. Registration gift
Open the registration link
to input the invitation ID: Lf273
And then you will get 1$.
The invitation ID is so helpful that you shouldn’t forget it.

2. Easy task, great rewards
Enter into “task center”, click time-limited task and choose your favorite one.
Remember to finish tasks in the limited time in case that the task will be done by other users.

3. Sharing gift
“Let’s earn money together”
Once you share to your friends, vEarnDollar will give you money.
Wiggle your fingers, money comes!
Don’t hesitate.

You can get 10% of your friends’ profits and 5% of your sub-friends’ profits from vEarnDollars.

– Constantly changing tasks every day.
– Only iPhone / iPad / iOS

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