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While hunting down all the more energizing approaches to earn money on the web, I found an interesting course entitled 5K in 30 Days. The concept was rather intriguing. Four of the best internet marketers were interviewed by Norbert Orlewicz, co-founder of My Lead System Pro.

When the interviews started, Norbert gave these professional six and seven figure earners this scenario:

“A loved one is dying. They only have 30 days to live. Their lives can be saved for $5000. You have no partners, no help. Would you be able to produce $5000 in the next 30 days to save their lives?”

Norbert then turned on the video player and the meeting was recorded for his team.

Rob Fore

SEO genius Rob Fore shared a touching story of how true the scenario really was in his life. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, he realized he didn’t want to leave his family penniless upon his death. So he turned to internet marketing.

He studied Affiliate Marketing and SEO techniques to get his content to rank.

Now, years later, after overcoming his battle with cancer, Rob and his lovely wife have went on to create 6 six-figure online businesses. And, he shared the secret to his success with the viewers.

Mark Harbert and Frank Marino

Better known as the YouTube Marketing Experts, Mark Harbert and Frank Marino are the go-to men for YouTube SEO. Together, Mark and Frank, Creators of Tube Traffic Mojo, together they have produced more than 14,000 leads from YouTube ABSOLUTELY FREE!

They began explaining ways to earn money from YouTube by giving a detailed description of How To Use the FREE Google KeyWord Planner. (for an indepth look into Google KeyWord Planner). Then, as an added bonus Frank and Mark share with you how to optimize your videos for maximum results.

Michelle Pescosolido

The Facebook Marketing Queen, Michelle Pescosolido, offers approaches to acquire cash by making the ideal Facebook notice that changes over into leads and deals. What’s more, she doesn’t stop there. Continuously with a soul of “under guarantee over convey” Michelle tells you what pitfalls to maintain a strategic distance from when making your promotion. In general, when joined with Rob Fore’s instructing above, Module Three makes an advertiser relentless!

Bonus Modules

Mastery – Norbert gives the viewers an opportunity to join My Lead System Pro and take advantage of THIRTEEN Resale Rights Products. After joining, the individual leverages done-for-you sales funnels, capture pages and campaigns. Profit from these products is 100% Commission to the seller (i.e. you!).


In the end, the biggest takeaways from 5K in 30 Days was three elements everyone seemed to have in common:

Find a high commissioned offer, drive traffic to that offer and follow up with your prospects.


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