**Who asked for this?**


D4 Gear Affixes:

* Damage Over Time
* Damage to Close Enemies
* Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
* Damage to Distant Enemies
* Damage to Injured Enemies
* Damage to Slowed Enemies
* Damage to Stunned Enemies
* Damage to Bleeding Enemies
* Damage to Chilled Enemies
* Damage to Dazed Enemies
* Damage to Enemies Affected by Trap Skills
* Damage to Frozen Enemies
* Damage to Poisoned Enemies
* Damage to Burning Enemies
* etc


**Did players ask for this?**

I’ve played every major ARPG (including every Diablo game) and spent a lot of time online discussing them. In all that time, I don’t recall ever seeing players ask for damage affixes to be broken down into 15+ subtypes. Not ever.


**Did programmers ask for this?**

Surely this must cost some serious CPU time. Every single hit, the server has to look at numerous stats and blend them all together to determine how much damage is caused. The distance ones must be particularly hard to optimize for as it needs to roughly calculate distance from target for every single hit. Surely this must be more taxing on the system than loading up the tabs of other players.


**What does this do to loot?**

Having so many different damage types means having a ton more possible loot combination. No build is going to be able to use most of these combinations, so realistically you are looking for a few damage types out of 15+ possible options. You are going to end up with a lot more loot that you can’t use. That means more trips to town to salvage/sell junk.


**Is this fun?**

Here is the major issue I have with this system. It just isn’t fun. It adds needless complexity to the game that causes a ton more junk loot for no real benefit to the player. It takes longer to compare items and makes it less likely that an item is going to be useful for a character. Blizzard needs to seriously consider reducing this down to a single damage affix type or at least combine some of them to reduce the possible combinations (ex: roll up all status conditions into a single type).


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