I like my job, but not my pay. I told this to my boss, he tried to get me a raise, but wasn’t able to. So I told him I’m going to look at other jobs and he said he didn’t blame me.

Found a job, interviewed well and last week, I got an offer for 15% higher pay. I gave my boss notice and he told me to wait so that he could talk to his boss. 3 days later, they came back to match the pay. I figured the new job wasn’t exactly my dream gig so I chose to stay with my current job at the new rate.

When I told the recruiter that I’m declining their offer, she basically accused me of applying for jobs just so I could negotiate a pay raise at my current job and that it’s unethical for me to apply when I’m not really going to take the job and that I wasted her time and the interviewers, etc.

I was so unprepared for her reaction that I just kind of stayed silent until the call ended. My wife called that recruiter a crazy bitch, but I’m wondering if AITA here.


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By vito988

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