I’ve used a large number of iPad apps over the last decade. Some were good, others have been great. I tried to approach this list by looking at those apps that only meet the latter requirement. Each one of these apps fits a specific role and provides a unique experience that improves upon what Apple includes in iPadOS on its own. 

Here are the factors I considered: 

Third-party syncing: It’s important to be able to sync your work with productivity apps, so I stuck with apps that allow third-party app syncing. 

Productivity features: Productivity means different things to different people, so I included apps with different productivity features. Whether you’re looking to streamline your emails, optimize your calendar, or edit your text, I included a variety of apps with different productivity focuses.

Price: Apps vary in pricing from free, subscription based, or even one-time purchases, so I included a variety of price points. 


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